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A startup that rents event space for meetings and parties. I worked on the design team to design the interior spaces, create art to furnish the spaces, and create marketing material to promote the business.


Paintings and Interior Design

The opportunity : to create unique artwork for locations in different cities such as Los Angeles or Sacramento.


The challenge : to create the physical visual language of Neyborly that is fun, can recede into the background of a meeting, provide a carefree environment for a comedy show, or can be removed for a wedding or other personalized event.

Marketing Post Cards

Potential clients were needing a way to see pricing, address, contact information, discount codes, and other information about a specific space in each city. 


Providing postcards within each space, and in surrounding businesses, provided this information. Included on the card is original promotional art that depicted the iconic imagery of the location. For San Jose, the location was right next to the iconic light rail and art deco style buildings. For Sacramento, the image of the Sacramento Bridge. 

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