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Inspirations for my paintings come from the quiet moments in nature and often from my experiences. 


Here I share with you some of my personal collections and some commission work. 


Abstractions, 2020

Using a mixture of house paint and traditional acrylic I like to create a landscape of color. This is a space where my thoughts, emotions, and physical body come together to create a conversation on the canvas. The language emerges in the colors and the way they relate to each other through the composition. 

Oil Paintings

Looking at the sky is often a spiritual experience for me. In my paintings, I try to capture the perspective I feel when looking out over a landscape. My ego is often checked when looking out and see the expanse of the horizon. With an understanding that the world is bigger than your own perspective, I feel like people can live in harmony. 

Three Trees Commission

A client wanted large paintings for their living room. They live on a property with hundreds of fruit trees so we decided to re-create some of their favorites; a palm tree, a fig tree, and a peach tree. 

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